Wedding Ceremony planning

The services that we offer include either tailoring a personalized ceremony for you and your fiancÚ or providing an elegant pre-prepared ceremony to which you can make any changes.

The customized ceremony is our main focus. We enjoy creating a unique ceremony based upon your particular desires. In order to best serve your needs we listen to your story and your visions for your ceremony. We provide ample numbers of sample ceremonies to help clarify for you what type of ceremony you might like and to provide a template from which you can cut and paste. We make suggestions of different ways to incorporate family and friends if that is something you would like to do. Ultimately, the ceremony planning comes down to determining what you want and how you want it. We have no self-interest in the process, our main interest is making your dreams come to life for you.

In terms of possible additions to the basic structure of a traditional ceremony (an invocation, declaration of intent, exchange of vows, exchange of rings and a closing statement or blessing), we perform numerous symbolic ceremonies that you may want to include. You are always welcome to modify these as you see fit or we are open to including other cultural or unique traditions. Let your imagination soar as you figure out what best suits you and your beloved.

Optional Activities
Unity Candle Ceremony
Sand Ceremony
Rock Ceremony
Rose Ceremony
Releasing of Doves
Jumping the Broom
Lasso and Coin Ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony

This ceremony as is indicated in the word "unity" is symbolic of the union between lovers and families. Often the mothers of the couple would light two small candles, and then the couple uses the two smaller candles to light one larger candle. This symbolizes not only the coming together of the couple as one but also the families.

The Sand Ceremony

Like the Unity Candle the Sand Ceremony also symbolizes the coming together of the paths of what were two separate lives into one path. The couple would each have a different color sand that they then pour into a vase or some other keepsake container, which symbolizes the coming together of the two separate lives into now one life together. This ceremony can be done with other family members as well using other colors of sand, this may be particularly nice for blended family marriages.

The Rock/Seashell Ceremony

This ceremony is another way of symbolizing the coming together of the separate paths the couple was on before uniting all of their family and friends into one. This ceremony can be performed in multiple ways. Each wedding guest would be given a small rock or shell or whatever small thing you would like, the couple can then receive the small items in a commemorative container at the altar as the guests come up, or the couple could go around and collect the small items.

The Rose Ceremony

The Rose Ceremony is generally a way of giving thanks to parents and/or grandparents for the roles they have played in the lives of the couple. The roses (or some other flower/gift/symbol) are presented along with a few words to acknowledge the gratitude that is being expressed.

The Releasing of Doves

The Dove Release is generally coordinated with another professional that handles doves. Doves are a symbol of love and of simultaneous freedom and unity. Doves are known for mating for life and represent the love that you share as a couple. The release of the doves symbolizes the freedom you both share and the choice that you are making to be free together. Two doves can be released to symbolize the love of the couple, and a flock of doves can be released to symbolize the love of everyone that is gathered together.

Jumping the Broom

The Jumping of the Broom is an African tradition that symbolizes the leap that you take together as a new couple. It is your first act together as a couple where you jump into your new lives together. The leap is a gesture of dedication to working together through the tough times and easy times that lay ahead. The couples jumps into the future together leaving behind their past.

Lasso and Coin

The Lasso and Coin are Mexican traditions. The lasso can be worn throughout the ceremony or placed on the couple at the end of the ceremony, to symbolize their joining and the infinite love that you share. The couple exchanges coins (arras). The coins represent good stewarship and the exchange of coins, these days, is representative of a commitment to mutual support and responsibility between the couple.

*Please note: the couple would be responsible for providing the physical items for these ceremonies.